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+~Yomi - Eat Shit And Die~+

HAHA *_*
i saw.. i still have some visitors everyday XDDD but this site is down.. so :O i wish i'd have an idea what i could do with this page.. i was thinking in MUCC (cause i know mucc about more than 6 years now and i kinda know SO much bout them so.. >_>

sorry to my visitors that you always see 'CLOSED' >_< i'm sorry >_

maybe i'm starting uploading some things from MUCC soon cause i got a small idea ID'''

yep reborn? O

i am so sorry but i am soooo busy (you can see that at my poor updates) and i cannot work on this rotation anymore ..
but i am working with some people on a european Mucc-fansite (Http://www.Mucc-euro.com)
but its still under construction i dunno how much time will left that you can visit it >_< it will be translated into 5 languages so you can maybe understand that it also takes time ^^''

BUUUUUT if you are searching SO hard on some mucc stuff and cannot find it just write me an e-mail (Fukisfuki@yahoo.de) ^^ i would be glad to send it to you and make you all happy XDD i also have MSN but i just give you that e-mail adress if you ask me ^ 3^b

maybe i will work on this rotation again soon but i dunno how much time you have to wait
i hope you will be nice visitors of our Mucc-Euro fanpage ^__^
you can help us to make it bigger ^^ maybe we're searchin' some people for the "News" section or for an professional layout ^_^bb

it was so nice to make you all glad XDD
maybe i will upload some stuff if i have enough time XD

see you~


Tatsurous Message
soo many people cannot watch the video i've uploaded called
"Tatsurous Message" [screenshot]
soo if you want to watch it just download the Player called "Real alternative"
(download here) ^^ with this player it should work without problems!! ^^
BUT if you still have problems with watching that video write me an e-mail or in the tagboard ^_^

I got Muccs Single Ryuusei IS UP

Next Rotation
i am sorry that you all have to wait for the next rotation since long time >_< but i was stressed with school etc.
My next rotation will be also just Mucc cause i decided to do an only-mucc-rotation >_< sorry for all people who don't want that. but its just easier for me...

Please use this URL for my rotation now ^_^b http://www.eatshitanddie.de.vu

please vote for me
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-first read the RULES before you start any downloads
-If you want to share Links just write me a e-mail to :
Fukisfuki@yahoo.de ^^



MUCC - Ryuusei (Single)

MUCC - 6 - (Album)

MUCC - Suisou

MUCC - Bouzenjishitsu ( Live at Shibuya)

MUCC - 1979 (Live at Shibuya)

MUCC - Urayami saku ni Hana (Fanclub special)

MUCC - Aishiteru message


MUCC - Ryuusei PV


MUCC - Danzetsu (live at Shibuya)


MUCC - Tatsurous Message

Comment: if it doesn't work download the player "Real alternative" -> download here <-

Past Rotations:



1. Merry - Kohakuiro no Ballad (New Mix)
2. Shulla - Gyaku-gire
3. 12012 - Shudder
4. D'espairs Ray - Gothic
5. Gazette - Mad Marble hell vision
6. Kagrra - Himitsu
7. MUCC - gerbera (single)


1. Dir en Grey - Higeki wa mabuta wo oroshita yasashiki utsu LIVE

2. Dir en grey - Dead tree PV + Clever Sleazoid live

3. MUCC - Yukke fell down

4. MUCC - Gerbera PV

5. BUCK TICK - Kimi no Vanilla - live



1. 12012 - Souseiji
2. Aucifer - Tokyo Illusion
3. Blood - The Funeral for Humanity (Compl. mix)
4. Deadman - This day this rain
5. Gazette - Zetsu
6. Mucc - Bonus song - Saishou Ressha 70's ver
7. Mucc - Bonus song - Shadan
8. Mucc album Houyoku
9. Mucc - Saishou no Ressha
10. Mucc - Akanezora
11. Phobia - I
12. D'espairs Ray - Garnet
13. Dir en Grey - Garbage (live)
14. SID - Rinjin


1. Dir en Grey - Embryo live

2. Miyavi - PV Jibun Kakumei



1. Mucc - Houyoku [album]
2. Mucc - Saishou no Ressha
3. Mucc - Akanezora
4. Phobia - I
5. D'espairs Ray - Garnet
6. Dir en Grey - Garbage (live)
7. SID - Rinjin


1. MUCC - Saishou no Ressha - PV

2. MUCC - Hamburg - oneman 9-clips


- MP3

1. Dir en Grey - CLEVER SLEAZOID
2.Blast - Shade of Phantom
3.Fatima - Humiliate me more darlin'
4.Kiyoharu(SADS) & Takanori(T.M. Revolution) - hageshii ame ga (live)
5.Merry - Tick Tack (new recording)
6.Mucc - Akatsuki Yami (live)


Live Nightmare - Ultimate Circus
Finale - End


- MP3
1. Dir en grey - 24ko cylinders (live)
2. Mucc - Rojiura boku to kimi e (live)
3. Cali=gari - kinjiki
4. Kiyoharu - Hikousen
5. Bis - Go


SADS - Masqurade live

- MP3

1. Dir en grey - Machiavellism (Live)
3. The TRAX - over the rainbow


Mucc - Zy 09 [Photoshoot]

Sorry Present files

- MP3

1. Mucc - Suimin (live)


1. SID - Like an edison 2005



1. Dir en Grey 5Ugly Kingdom Drain Away
2. Soroban - -RAM-
3. Sid ReDreamer
4. Iroha Mugamuchuu
5. Witches Ddota !! Kunyo!! (in club)


CLIP baroque - being dorks with mannequin



1. Dir en grey - Embyro ute ute boogie woogie
2. Mucc - Suimin Live
3. Sid Mao yuya message
4. Dir en Grey 5Ugly Kingom Karasu live
5. SADS - Masquerade


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Mucc Video

26.7.05 19:37